Meet Santa Vanidad

“Being the hero, it takes hard work and everyone loves a villain. No one volunteers to be the bad guy. But guess what? I’m willing…”      – Santa Vanidad



Fever Dream // Copyright © 2016 Rara Replica. All rights reserved.

All the amazing people responsible for making this:

//Director of Photography//
Jason Joseffer

Daniel Juenemann

//Original Concept and Co-Director//
Katya Lopez

//2nd Unit Director of Photography//
Deb Leal

//Editor and Post-Production Effects//
Julien de Benedictis

//Executive Producer//
Chris Palmer

Steve Hinan
Katya Lopez
Monique Lopez
Fernando Lopez
Nikolas McConnie-Saad
Daniel Nichols
Sola Sowemimo

//Lighting Department//
Cain Czopek
Steve Forbes
Vanessa Woo

//Camera Assistant//
Ryan Nelson

//Set design//
Stephanie Stokes